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So here it is; the full lineup for 2024.

Aircraft, Teams or Pilots here for the first time ever are in Bold. If it's their first year in Airshows, there's also a *.

If the aircraft in question is making it's UK civilian airshow debut and therefore will be making history, there's also a *****

All aircraft appear both days UNLESS it says otherwise.

In no particular order:

  1. Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, Sally B

  2. NEBO Air Electric Arrows - the worlds only electric aircraft display team.

  3. Spitfire Mark 1

  4. Spitfire MH434

  5. Spitfire Mk IX "Porky II"

  6. Rich Goodwin Jet Pitts

  7. The Jet Para Hawks *

  8. The Royal Air Force - Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning (Saturday only)* *****

  9. Phoenix Fireworks and the TDJ Remote Control Team

  10. North American Navion

  11. GI Flight - three Piper J3 Cubs and a US Tiger Moth

  12. The Chipmunk Trio (Sunday only)

  13. The Titans

  14. The Royal Air Force Falcons Parachute Display Team

  15. The Royal Air Force Typhoon Display Team

  16. Buchon 109

  17. P-51 Mustang "Jersey Jerk"*

  18. North American T6*

  19. The Turbulent Team

  20. P-47 Thunderbolt

  21. The Mono Display Team

  22. Boeing Stearman*

  23. SF260

  24. Beechcraft Staggerwing "Bohica"

  25. Beechcraft Staggerwing


26 . The Walmington on Sea Home Guard*

The Air displays will start at 1230 and at the moment, will go onto 1800. The timings will ONLY appear on the screens around the site. That's because things change and we won't actually really know until a few hours before.



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