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As with everything in life, there are some rules. All aircraft, pilots, displays, timings and details are subject to change. The organisers reserve the right to amend or cancel the programme of air displays and other events, or any part of same without prior notice or refund.
General & Admission Terms and Conditions
ONLINE Terms & Conditions
Privacy Policy; We do not store credit card details, nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.
Delivery Policy; All tickets and passes are issued electronically. We do not mail anything, save for VIP packs which are issued in the month before the show. Electronic tickets are emailed at the start of each month. Trade Stands will receive full details of arrival instructions in the month leading up to the show.
We use Ticket Tailor and JotForm for online booking. Both are GDPR compliant.
Refund/ Cancellation Policy. All ticket sales are final. If accepted by us, all trade and food stand bookings are final and otherwise subject to the Trade Terms and Conditions.

General Terms and Conditions

1. All ticket sales are final. Tickets are not transferable and are only valid on the day indicated. Saturday tickets are NOT valid on Sunday and vice versa. Once booked the sale is final - please ensure that you check your basket before purchase. 
2. The organisers reserve the right to alter or amend the information within the website and in advertising at any time, should circumstances require such a change. The organisers reserve the right to amend, cancel or change the event in whole or part without prior notice or refund. 
3. Airfields are potentially dangerous places. There are a number of clearly marked fences and barriers on site beyond which the public are not permitted. Anyone found in a prohibited area will be immediately escorted from the premises.
4. Despite the organisers taking all possible precautions, you are present on site at your own risk.
5. The duplication of tickets is strictly prohibited. A number of safeguards are in place which check that tickets have not been duplicated. Each ticket has a unique identifying code. These are checked either during or after the event. Should duplicates be found the person who originally booked the ticket will be charged the full value of the duplicates, plus an administration charge.
6. Likely in 2024 Protective Duty Legislation, known as Martyn’s Law will come into force. It seeks to limit the possibility of an attack such as the tragedy at the MEN Arena in Manchester. In common with all other responsible events we are constantly monitoring government advice and our management team at the event have completed courses and are subscribed to updates issued by HMG. As a result of this we have determined that all bags are subject to search on arrival; this is carried out by trained and regulated security staff at our gates. Further, we are limiting the maximum size of any bag permitted on site, in a similar way that bag sizes are limited in aircraft cabins. The maximum dimensions of any one item are 30cm x 30cm x 40 cm which gives a 30 litre capacity. A maximum of one such bag per person, in addition to a handbag will apply.  For those of you seeking to bring a picnic; the bag size limit above applies, as does our search policy. Therefore picnics are permitted so long as they are brought within compliant-sized bags. A bag of the maximum dimensions will be capable of bringing a sizeable picnic for 4 people. ANY item larger, including cool boxes, cannot be allowed in.
7. The car parks are solely for the parking of cars. Patrols will periodically ensure that no-one is loitering in the car park, for everyone’s security. Car parking is free for all ticket holders. A charge of £100 per hour for vehicles belonging to those without a ticket is payable. Persons in the car park or anywhere on site without an admission ticket are charged £100 for access to the car park area per person,  irrespective of age. In short, buying an admission ticket is far cheaper. 
8. We will not tolerate any rudeness or abuse towards staff, volunteers and especially the Air Cadets. The organisers will pursue all and every legal avenue against anyone who uses threatening behaviour and immediately arrange for the person concerned to be ejected from the event.

9. Airfields and aircraft are noisy places. Please ensure that you have ear defenders to hand, especially for children. If bringing a dog, please bear the noise in mind.
10. Helium balloons, drones and any other object capable of flight must not be used under any circumstances. The airfield is protected under the terms of the Air Navigation Order in respect of any unmanned flying object. Anyone found using such a device will be immediately ejected and details handed to the Police and CAA for further enforcement action.
11. In the event that a classic car pass is detected to have been used by a vehicle which is not booked in, the organisers will charge the passengers of the vehicle at the full ticket rate for that day, plus an administration fee.
12. All activities, aerial and ground displays are subject to change, curtailment or cancellations without notice.
​13. All tickets, sales and otherwise are subject to weather conditions, aircraft serviceability and the decisions of the Pilot in Command.
14. Advertised Display Acts are those who have been booked by the Organiser and have confirmed their attendance provided all of the factors in item 13 above are acceptable. We will notify all changes as soon as we can using the Latest News section of the website, Information Kiosk(s) both manned and digital throughout the Airshow grounds and via the commentators. Due to the very nature of Airshows, things can and do change, often at the last minute.
15. Rude and/or threatening behaviour towards any member of staff, volunteer, other show visitors and especially the Air Cadets will not be tolerated. We will inform the Police of any such incidents and may ask them to contemporaneously intervene.
16. Dogs are permitted but must be on stout leads at all times, one end of which must be attached to their owners at all times. Water is provided for them at the Centre of the Airshow. We reserve the rights to effect a forced entry into any car on site where a dog or other animal has been left without ventilation and/or water. Such entry will take place 15 minutes after calls for the owner to remedy the situation have been made over the PA. We will leave the matter in the hands of the authorities. No liability is taken, nor will apology be forthcoming should this action be necessary.
17. We reserve the right to refuse admission. Security Staff will eject anyone using rude, antisocial or threatening behaviour, those using or in possession of illegal drugs and anyone who attempts to pass or interfere with the crowd line and/or safety signage.
18. Glassware is not permitted to be used or carried on site. If dropped, broken glass poses a serious hazard to aircraft.

19. Stepladders are not permitted on site. Steps or folding benches may not be used for the purposes of elevating a viewing position where such use would block the view of others behind. 

All persons entering the site may be searched as a condition of entry. Strictly no illegal substances or “legal highs” will be permitted into the site, alongside those listed in the banned items sections of the terms and conditions of sale. Possession of illegal substances will lead to your ejection from the festival and possible prosecution.  You may also be searched anywhere onsite at any time by security and detection dogs.
The security and promotor reserves the right to refuse admission, and evict customers without refund to the holder if in the reasonable opinion of the promoter or their agents or representative’s that admission of the holder might be a risk to the safety of the audience and/or the holder and/or affect the enjoyment of the audience and/or the running of the festival.
Without liability to you, we shall be entitled to confiscate any item(s) which may reasonably be considered to be a weapon (or used as a weapon) or which may cause danger, offence or disruption to any other person. Alongside any illegal substances and drugs.
Other items customers are prohibited from bringing into the event include (these will be set aside at entry point and made available to collect the end of the event) : alcohol of any kind , **Bottles must be sealed and untampered or empty so that they are not used for bringing in alcohol to the arena such as vodka, gas canisters, aerosols over 250ml, air horns, fireworks, flares, glass, disposable barbeques, camp stoves,  ‘legal highs’ – this includes Nitrous Oxide and associated equipment including balloons, unidentified substances, laser equipment/pens, megaphones, blowtorches, sky or ‘Chinese’ lanterns, petrol burners, sound systems, spray cans, tabards/high viz jackets, personal drones, gazebos, tents, tent like covering, large umbrellas or any other large items that can potentially cause an obstructive view for others
(PERMITTED items include – sealed ** water / soft drinks 500ml or less and empty re-usable bottles of any size)

Classic Car Exhibitors
We no longer sell Classic Car Passes. On occasion we may invite owners of vehicles to exhibit; in addition to any specific terms imposed on such a booking, the following terms will always apply unless varied by the Organiser in writing. 
Classic Car Terms and Conditions are as follows:
1. The vehicle to be exhibited must be road-legal in every respect and must have been driven to the Airshow.
2. The vehicle and driver must have valid and in date Motor Insurance.
3. Only persons with a valid UK licence and insured to drive may do so.
4. The Speed Limit on site is 5mph
5. No vehicle may be parked beyond the line denoted with cones, 20m from the Crowd Line.

6. The vehicle registration must match that denoted on booking. Cameras will detect and record each registration on arrival.
7. You may change the registration and vehicle at any time prior to entry to the Airshow. The link to be able to do this forms part of the confirmation email.
8. Also, within the confirmation email you will find a windscreen pass attached; this must be on display on entry to the website.
9. Please follow all marshal instructions and park only as directed.
10. Due to previous issues, we regret that Clubs and the arrangement of vehicles from a club is prohibited. Space may not be reserved, and any temporary structures are not permitted.
​11. Classic Cars may not leave the Display Area until 1730 each day. On departure please note that there will still likely be a large number of pedestrians about the site.
12. Each vehicle with registration booked in may contain a maximum of four people who will be granted admission along with the car. Any additional persons will need to purchase a ticket in advance and have that available for inspection on arrival.
13. All items and vehicles are displayed and on site at their owners’ risk. No liability for loss or damage can be accepted by the Organisers.
​Military Displays Terms and Conditions
1. The re-enacting of Axis displays and wearing of Axis uniforms is not allowed at the Airshow.
2. All vehicles must be roadworthy, insured and will only be driven by those with the required licence and insurance. On arrival at the Airshow, the vehicles will be parked for the duration. Movement of vehicles is not permitted before 1730 each day, unless otherwise stated.
3. All non-military vehicles need to removed to the car park whilst the Airshow is open to the public.
4. Similarly, any modern camping equipment will be out of sight during show hours.
5. There is a 5mph speed limit on site. Exhibitors will follow all marshal and staff instructions.
6. Camping in Military Tentage and vehicles is permitted in the military display area. If bringing modern camping equipment and vehicles this may only be placed in the Exhibitor’s Camping Area at the top of the Car Park. In all instances the Camping Terms and Conditions below apply. 
7. All non-military items and vehicles must be removed from the display area before 0900 each day.

8. Pyrotechnics are strictly prohibited.
9. Any weapons must be deactivated and locked at all times.
10. All items are displayed and on site at their owners’ risk. No liability for loss or damage can be accepted by the Organisers.
Camping Terms and Conditions
Camping is only available to trade stands and exhibitors. 
Terms and Conditions:
Please bear in mind we do not have electrical hook-ups available.  The camping area at the Airshow is grassland 361 days of the year; so, while it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of some permanent campsites, it more than makes up for it with a rather excellent view. 
All pitches are 10 x 7m at maximum. Please do not take up any more space than this. When setting up your pitch leave a minimum of 2m to your neighbour. Do not park cars or place obstructions South of the camping line - the area to the South is intended as a fire refuge. 
All tents and caravans must be pitched as directed by the organisers. We only make available far fewer spaces than are actually available. There is plenty of room for everyone. 
Should you discover a fire, sound the alarm and notify the Security or Show Security Team immediately. Similarly, if our staff detect a fire air horns will be used as an alarm -please do not ignore the sudden use of air horns, therefore. Except in cases of raising the alarm, air horns may not be used by those in the camping area. 
It is a REQUIREMENT It is highly recommended that each pitch carries a fire extinguisher, and everyone knows how to operate such equipment.
No open fires are allowed in any area.
Barbeques are ONLY allowed if they are on an appropriate stand and not directly on the grass.
No cooking inside your tent.
No fireworks or Chinese lanterns. Balloons and Drones are also strictly forbidden. 
All grass will be cut short to prevent fire spread.
All vehicles driving in thecampsite area will observe a strict 5mph speed limit and 15 mph15mph on access roads.
Do not enter or cross any area marked out of bounds by fencing or hazard tape.
No holes, pits or drainage channels to be dug on the campsite.
The contents of chemical toilets must not be disposed of except by emptying at the disposal point provided.
A suitable receptacle, which must not be allowed to overflow, should be used for collection of wastewaters and emptied at disposal point provided.
All waste paper and solid refuse must be removed from the site when leaving the site.
Current driving licence holders ONLY to drive on the campsite and airfield grounds. 
Please show care and consideration for everyone on site and those visiting the event.
Radios, I-pods, cd players, flashing LED lights as on whip poles etc. must not inconvenience other people on the site. Music audible outside your pitch is not permitted after 10:00pm. 
Generators must be adequately silenced and not cause annoyance to other people. 
Children under the age of 16 are the responsibility of their parents or carers at all times
No drugs on site except for prescribed medication.
Wristbands or passes must be worn at all times and will be subject to checks by Security Staff.
Carry your valuables with you. Any valuables left in accommodation or cars are left at your own risk.
No rollerblading or skateboarding on site.
No off-road quads, ATVs, motorbikes, mini-motorbikes or similar vehicles.
Ball games will not be allowed to interfere with other site users
Gazebo and any free-standing Awnings to be kept within the pitch
The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry or ask to leave any camping wristband holder causing a repeated nuisance to others. 
Despite the organisers taking every precaution you are present at your own risk. No liability for any loss or injury to any person or property whilst at the airfield is accepted by the Organisers. 
Your data will be kept solely using Jotform, a GDPR compliant service. We will only contact you in relation to this booking and subsequent Airshows. We do not share this data with any third party. 
Trade Stand Terms & Conditions
Exhibitors when used in the Terms and Conditions refers to Persons, Companies or Charities making the booking. 
Before being admitted to the Airfield, all traders must provide a copy proving valid and current Public Liability Insurance. Where Gas or LPG is used, a current gas certificate is required. Food Vendors will need to provide a current hygiene certificate of a type compliant with or referencing FHRS, NCASS, SFBB or COOKSAFE. Other schemes may be considered with prior notice. 
Where LPG is used by a stand policies and procedures for the safe storage of used or standby bottles, as well as all risks posed by LPG, must be included within the Risk Assessment. A limit of three LPG bottles per stand is permitted on site. 
Food Vendors must provide their own water. 
Food Vendors must ensure that all allergens within food being served are notified to customers in accordance with current statutory requirements. 
All trade stands must make best endeavours to screen or hide vehicles, tents, caravans and any other non-retail based item at the rear of their pitch. On arrival, siting officers will show which direction to trade. 
No Exhibitor shall directly or indirectly promote or advertise any concept or product, which is in conflict with the sponsoring party or parties. 
The Organisers reserve the right to refuse the application of any Exhibitor for reasons of violations of said Conditions, Rules and Regulations or at their own election. 
While participating in the Airshow, the Exhibitor agrees to comply with all applicable Conditions Rules and Regulations of the Organiser. The Exhibitor agrees to indemnify the Organisers against any claim, action, or occurrence by any breach thereof. 
The Exhibitor agrees to adhere to any other rules and regulations that may be issued from time to time by the Organisers. 
The Organisers retain the right and the Exhibitors agree that in the event of adverse weather conditions, or any other circumstances beyond control of the Organisers which prevent the holding of the Airshow, it may be closed for such period considered advisable, and the Exhibitors shall have no right to claim rebates as a result of the closing of the Exhibition. The responsibility for any loss from fire, storm, theft, injury or damage to whatever extent or nature and from any cause whatsoever to the Exhibitors property or their attendance during the Exhibition must remain the responsibility of the Exhibitors. 
The Organisers shall not be liable in respect of any claim for compensation or refund or for any other claim in regard to arising from, or connected with the Airshow, or the holding, cancellation or curtailment thereof. If, in the opinion of the Organisers, by re-arrangement or postponement of the period of the Airshow, or by the size and position of exhibit space is required the Organisers may modify as they deem necessary under the circumstances. In the event of a lack of demand for space, the Organisers reserve the right to cancel the Airshow. Under these circumstances, when a final decision is made, all payments would be returned to companies who had applied for space. 
The Organisers reserve the right to adjust stand bookings to suit the site plan layout, or alter the layout plan and position of stands, if it is desirable from the point of view of the Exhibition as a whole. 
Exhibitors can begin the build-up of the trade stands and exhibits from Friday and will need to clear the site by Monday. Specific timings are advised separately. All exhibitors must be on the site by 0800 on Saturday and Sunday.  Upon arrival; siting officers will be on site to coordinate the siting of exhibits.  Under no circumstances will exhibitors be allowed to locate their exhibit without the expressed permission of a siting officer.  Set up times on the days of the event are as separately detailed. All exhibitor vehicles must vacate the exhibition area to the car park provided no later than 0800 on the day of the event. Vehicles will not be permitted to move around, or on and off the site between the hours of 0800 and 1800 each day.  This is a health and safety policy and will be enforced with no exceptions.
Exhibitor car parking may be located at the Organiser’s discretion. Exhibitors are permitted to both park and camp within the demise of their pitch and subject to the Camping Terms and Conditions.  
Four admission passes, valid for both days of the event, will be supplied to Exhibitors for distribution to their personnel. These are for use by the named exhibitor and are non-transferable.  Exhibitors will not be admitted to the Exhibition without such passes.  The Organisers reserve the right to limit the number of passes issued to Exhibitors.  Extra passes, for larger trade spaces, will be issued at the organiser’s discretion. Please call the organisers for further discussion. 
Payment Terms – 100% of the total fees must be paid in full before access is granted to the site with the completed Space Application Form along with a copy of the Exhibitor’s Public Liability Insurance. 
Exhibitors must not break down exhibits or trade stands until 1700 on Sunday.    Exhibitors must have removed their trade stands and exhibits no later than 1700 on Monday. The exhibitor shall have completed the construction and dressing out of their exhibit by 0930 on the show days. 
Exhibits, trade stands may be left on–site overnight. This is done at the Exhibitor’s risk. The Organisers take no responsibility for any damage, theft or loss of any exhibits, trade stands, vehicles or belongings. Exhibitors may camp in the area of the stand, or within the exhibitor’s camping area, by prior arrangement. 
The Exhibitor is responsible for the cost and erection of equipment for the displaying of goods and for all support services including but not limited to cleaning, electricity, plumbing and drainage.  The exhibitor must supply electricity; the organisers are not liable for this.  All generators must be earthed and situated a safe distance from members of the public, protected by a physical barrier or marker.  All electrical installations must comply with the general requirements of the Electricity at work regulations 
Petrol Generators are not permitted. The refilling of Diesel Generators must not occur whilst the public are on site. Refuelling must only be carried out by trained personnel, subject to a Risk Assessment being completed by the Exhibitor. 
The exhibitor must hold full details of any marquees or temporary structures to be used with structural calculations where appropriate. All Temporary Structures must be securely anchored and fastened so as to remain in place in the event of a high wind or gust. 
Any refuse created by the exhibit or Exhibitors is the Exhibitor’s responsibility and should be removed off site by the exhibitors at the close of the exhibition on each day.  A charge of £50 plus VAT will be levied if the exhibitor’s area is not left in the same state of cleanliness as found on arrival or are found placing refuse anywhere else on site without authorisation. 
All materials and equipment must comply with Fire Regulations and the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and all application codes and regulations. All materials used by the Exhibitor must be of a non-flammable nature.  All exhibits are subject to inspection by the relevant Health and Safety enforcing authority and have jurisdiction over the exhibition facility and the Exhibitor agrees to comply with any judgement made by these authorities or the Organisers. 
The entire risk and responsibility with regards to the exhibits and personal liabilities, including liability for accidents, due or alleged to be due to the handling and housing of such exhibits; the attendance on and management thereof the conduct of the stands generally and all consequential and other injury or loss arising from the aforementioned matters shall be borne by the Exhibitors. Each Exhibitor must hold public liability insurance for a minimum of £5,000,000. Certificates of insurance must be presented on or before arrival on site.  
The Exhibitor agrees to confine all selling and promotional activity to the space allotted and not to distribute printed matter or materials of any nature within the Exhibition enclosure or at entrances to the exhibition Enclosure. 
The right to offer fairground amusements is exclusively held by Philip Gray Amusements and no such type of stand is permissible. 
The Organisers accept no responsibility for breakdown or failure of any of the services provided for, or in connection with the Airshow. 
The Organisers reserve the right to cancel any applications, which they feel dofeel, do not meet the high standards of presentation to be achieved throughout the Exhibition. The Organisers have the right to request detailed plans or quality photos of the proposed exhibition stand, which must be produced upon request. The organisers further reserve the right to refuse admission or ability to trade to any stand which differs from the detail given at booking. 
The Organisers have the power to order any article out of the Exhibition or to close any stand of any Exhibitor who does not conform to the regulations of the Organisers. 
The Organisers reserve the right to refuse any person admission to the Airshow at their discretion. 
This agreement may be terminated by the Organisers at any time on the breach of any conditions by the Exhibitor, and thereupon all their rights hereunder shall cease and terminate, and any payments made by them on account thereof prior to said termination shall be retained by the Organisers as liquidation damages for such breach, and the Organisers may thereupon resell said space. 
The Organisers reserve the sole and absolute right to alter, add to, or amend any of these Conditions, Rules and Regulations.  Any questions or differences in regard thereto or otherwise arising out of or connected with incidents relating to the Airshow, whether or not provided for in these Conditions Rules and Regulations, shall be dealt with by the Organisers whose decision shall be final.  No alteration, addition, amendment of these Conditions Rules and Regulations shall release any Exhibitor from this Contract.
The selling, inflating, use or presence of any helium filled balloon or device is strictly prohibited. 
The operation of drones or remotely piloted vehicles is strictly prohibited. The sale of such devices is permitted provided that the seller gives both a verbal and written warning to the purchaser that the device cannot legally be used at or near a LicensedLicenced Aerodrome at all. Old Buckenham is a Licensed Aerodrome for the avoidance of doubt. 
All items are displayed and on site at their owners’ risk. No liability for loss or damage can be accepted by the Organisers.
Non-Food Stand Layout
In common with our aim to have all generators and ‘back of house’ items hidden from view and effectively inaccessible to the public, we have a simple layout for Non-Food- Stands. They are located in a line facing North and abutting the Southern Boundary of the West Display Area (see layout)
Similarly, Charity Stands are annotated the same way, albeit to the East they are located to the North of the Blister Hangar and Main Hangar. In the former case, the backs of the stands abut the Blister Hangar’s Rear Wall. The latter abut an Earth Bank.


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