The Future of Flight - the UK's first ever Electric Aircraft Display

We're devoting an entire section of the Airshow site to the future of Aviation. The UK's first electric aircraft charging point will be on show, and charging in it will be some of the very first electric machines which will power us to carbon-neutral flight.

Alex Reynier's name will perhaps only be familiar to fans of the Turbulent Team, but in July 2022 he'll be a part of history. Alex, you see, will perform the first ever Air Display of an electric aircraft in the UK. It may well prove to be the first ever, anywhere, in fact. We've teamed up with NEBO Air (see more on them below) to achieve this milestone.

In 2021 the NUNCATS Zenith CH705 made its public debut at the Airshow. By the time 2022 rolls around it's initial test flights should be complete. We also regularly welcome and charge Pipistrel Velis Electros, some of the 50 coming to the UK courtesy of NEBO who are also making us a destination of their new micro airline.

It's all vital for the planet and we're not resting on our laurels or the fact that we're at the forefront of this new era of aviation. On the Environment page you can also see what we're doing to offset and reverse the impact of the Airshow on the environment.