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The Award-Winning Airshow


In its current guise, the Airshow has been a major fixture on Norfolk's calendar since 2012. 

It's grown quite a bit - from a one day affair with about 2 hours of flying in 2012, it's now two days, 8 hours of flying and attracts the very best air displays anywhere on Earth. 

It would do.

A proud member of the British Air Display Association (BADA) the Event Organiser, Matt Wilkins also happens to be the  Chairman of BADA, the only industry body for the UK's entire Air Display Industry. He was, and still might be, the only Airshow Event Organiser who has passed all the exams and is one of the UK's 50 Flying Display Directors too. 

The team of officials and experts who oversee the Airshow are, literally, the most qualified anywhere. They belong to the highest rating for Air Display Officials, being Tier 3 Flying Display Directors. The pilots are all the best of the best too; they're Display Authorised by law. 

The clue is in the title - the Airshow takes place at Old Buckenham Airfield, one of the UK's 120 odd aerodromes with a CAA Licence. It was the first aerodrome in the UK to commission an electric aircraft charging point and is arguably the UK's first hub for the future of aviation. 

Originally it was built, being completed in late 1942, for the 453rd Bombardment Group of the USAAF. Today it's one of the UK's top centres of General Aviation, is open year round, has a cafe, two museums and most importantly a War Memorial. The most important date on the calendar is always Remembrance Sunday where a service takes place at the War Memorial at 1050. 

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