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There are literal acres of things to see and do at the Airshow, in addition to the Air Displays. Scroll down to see something for everyone (and why we won an Award).


Any show claiming family credentials needs to start with the kids.

The Airshow Funfair, at the heart of the show, is half an acre of fun, meticulously looked after by Philip Gray and his family.

We picked Philip because he is the third generation of the Gray family to keep Norfolk's premier selection of, well, fun funfair rides and amusements.

Image by Park  Troopers

Family Center

We did win the "Family Event of the Year" Award..


The Family Centre includes private nappy changing areas, quiet and private breast feeding areas.


Other services useful to families will also be available and our friendly staff will be equipped with a host of useful items, all from a location right in the middle of the Airshow.


It proved an instant hit when opened in 2018 and we're planning even more for 2021.


No longer do you have to accept greasy food at rip-off prices from yellowing burger vans.

The Food Village is an exclusive club. Traders can't just book the limited space available; they have to be invited, only after we've secretly checked them out.

We only let in the very best, offering a huge range of truly gourmet, fresh food at prices that suddenly make the limp burgers of yesterday seem even more expensive.


We won rave reviews for our stand against mobile greasy spoons; along the way we've been able to welcome back the very best of Norfolk Street Food and add new, exciting alternatives each year.

Duck wrap, anyone?



Not only can you go for a ride in a range of Military Vehicles, each year you can see a vast array of them in our Military Display.


From Nuclear Missiles through to the humble Jeep, the display encompasses the 20th & 21st Century and acts as a tribute to those who have served  in the armed forces.


It's not just vehicles; an impressive array of living history displays, including a Normandy Barn are dotted all over the Airshow, courtesy of some of the best re-enacting groups in the UK and Europe.



The Blister Hangar is the place to go at the end of the air displays each day.


There you'll see Multi Award-Winning artist Fiona Harber performing in our traditional (and completely free) finale to the day's flying.

Ice creams

We really do listen.


In 2015 we received one complaint; rip off ice cream prices. £5.50 for a kids tub of ice cream is absurd. So we declared war.


This year, we'll claim victory once again. Not only will Ice Cream only be available at a reasonable price once again, it'll also be the best. We're working with Norfolk's foremost Ice Cream maker, Dann's, who will be selling their luxury ice cream.


Their farm has a herd of over 400 perfectly pudgy pedigree Holstein-Friesian cows who are milked twice a day.  Free range eggs are then collected daily from their chickens and local fresh produce is regularly delivered all  guaranteeing that only the freshest products are used to make Dann's ice cream, sorbets and lollies.

Image by Leighann Blackwood

Our Museums

Perhaps nowhere at the Airshow (apart from when Sally B flies past) is History better brought to life than in our two museums; honouring the 453rd Bomb Group and the 8th Air Force of which it was a part.


Old Buckenham was built as a base for the 453rd Bombardment Group of the USAAF 8th Air Force. In addition to the War Memorial at the centre of the Airfield, in 2015 we were proud to be able to build and open the 453rd Bombardment Group Museum.


Housing the largest collection of 453rd Memorabilia in existence, the Museum will be open all weekend with special exhibits both inside and around the purpose-built Nissen Hut, adjacent to the War Memorial. If that’s not enough, be sure to visit our second museum, the 8th Air Force Heritage Gallery.

Bear in mind


Provided they're on leads at all the times, we're one of very few Airshows which welcome dogs.

Evidence of this comes in the form of, quite literally, a tonne of water just for dogs in the centre of the Airshow.


There's nothing worse than super-heated portaloos. We decided to do something about this blight a few years ago and invested very heavily in a brand new facilities block. It's designed to cope with a far larger crowd that we would let in . We also have more Medical and Emergency Cover than guidelines state we need. A lot more in fact.



We're not interested in cramming in as many people as possible. We also like to ensure that everyone gets a view. To do this we design over 650m of crowd line, usually with 10m depth before any stalls or exhbits get in the way. The other thing to bear in mind is that it's much easier to see all the action as it's taking place in the sky which leads us on to the main attraction.....


The small matter of the greatest aircraft and best pilots showing off each afternoon.

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