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Fighter Jets don't come much better looking than this. A masterpiece of the de Havilland Aircraft Company development of this incredible aircraft started BEFORE WWII. It entered service in 1946, within a few months of the end of the War and rapidly started to replace the piston engined aircraft made iconic by the fight over the skies of Europe.

Capable of getting to 43,000' at a climb rate of just under 5,000' a minute it has 3,350 lbf of thrust and can do 548 mph. We'll translate most of that; it's very sleek, very powerful and you wouldn't want to have an argument with it as it was armed with guns, rockets and bombs.

It's also extremely difficult to find one. There are some dotted about museums all over the World, fewer still actually flying and, as befits a year in which we enter the 'big' leagues, it's the preserve of the biggest and most glamorous Airshows only. And us, thanks to the Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron who are very welcome on their Old Buckenham debut.


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