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We're part of a Revolootion

We listen.

Over the last few year's we've been delighted to welcome an ever increasing number of people with disabilities and their carers. To do this we've more than doubled the facilities available for them. This year, thanks to the kind suggestion from a member of the Airshow audience, we've become aware of another leap in improving our facilities for disabled people; RevoLOOtion.

The initiative of the Vehicles for Change charity, RevoLOOtion enables disabled children and adults to use the toilet or be changed with dignity and respect, the service helps to break down  barriers that often exclude them from participating in activities and events.  It is important to recognise that lack of appropriate facilities can be a major obstacle for disabled individuals and RevoLOOtion can make a real difference in their lives.

Inside each unit, which has a full time attendant, there are toilets, hoists and changing tables, all with plenty of space and hot water.

The RevoLOOtion will be based in the main disabled toilet area of the Airshow on both days. For more information please click here.


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