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The World's ONLY Electric Aircraft Display Team

This is not exactly shocking news (geddit?). Old Buckenham is known as the UK home of electric flight and one of the NEBOAir Fleet of Pipistrel's Velis Electro lives here.

The Velis is the world's first type approved electric aircraft. If you've been to the Airshow before you know this, as you've seen these two before. Last year the NEBO Electric Arrows made several historic firsts: The first ever electric formation display in history. At the same time the first zero emission air display happened. Both were the same thing, off the Brighton seafront and made worldwide news. More history happened at Old Buckenham and the World Airshow Debut for an electric aircraft formation.

A few more neat things - at Old Buckenham the power used is ALL derived from solar - we have the UK's first electric aircraft charging point. It's the 4th in the world only powered by solar.

The aircraft are flown by Sam Whatmough and Alex Reynier, two of the best pilots in the Airshow world. NEBO own and operate the aircraft and Kerry Wilmot is the Team Principal and a Director of NEBO whose day job is to (successfully) get their aircraft used for training up and down the country. She's very good at that - recently some regular clients have taken delivery of a Velis - they're called the RAF.

So, if you've been before, none of the above is shocking (sorry, couldn't resist) and everyone has another chance to see that electric flight isn't some piece of sci fi dreaming - it's an everyday part of life.

Oh, by the way, 57,6kw each, so that's 77hp times two = more than four Turbulents combined.


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