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The Airshow Will Return

2023's Airshow was modestly titled "The Big One". With fifty aircraft, a world first and a certain team of nine red aircraft it was really very, very big.

So we have a serious problem. How do you follow a record breaking, massively lauded, game changer of an event? Weeks later we were still none the wiser. The eagle-eyed amongst you spotted that we'd never left it this late before saying anything.

It was quite tempting to simply call it a day; 'always leave them wanting more' is, we believe, the expression. But then a few things happened:

  1. All the reviews were in a rarified place beyond 'glowing', most importantly

  2. The huge volume of nice emails in early August grew into a torrent wanting to know 2024's dates. Then.....

  3. Like never before we started getting calls from people offering air displays which we've not seen before, sound completely impossible and that we'd really rather like to see. Several of them have, in fact, never been done before. We like that sort of thing.

  4. We don't like to leave a story unfinished - the electric aircraft project based at Old Buckenham will connect the developing world; we want its Airshow debut as we're the place where it was born and made its maiden flight. We also want to have the World's first four electric aircraft display at an Airshow (we already have the first with two electric aircraft).

So, long story short, you all win and we're back by popular demand. Over the next few weeks we'll start announcing air displays you can expect to see next July. We're keeping all last year's news up so that those visiting the website for the first time can get a feel for what it's all about. There's a lot to do (it's basically a 1,500 item to do list, of which we've got 1,483 things left to do) and we'll be busy getting on with it for the next 314 days and counting.


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