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So. How do we top 2023?

It was a bit brave to call 2023's Airshow 'The Big One'. Equally with fifty aircraft, the earliest sell out ever and a lineup which would make even the biggest Airshows sit up and pay attention, we pulled it off.

And promptly gave ourselves a headache.

It's a bit tricky following a universally praised triumph but we'll give it a go. Over the next few minutes we'll reveal some of the ways in which we're going to try. Some old favourites are back, but they'll be joined by some new faces and even more new ways to bend the rules of physics.

We've already sold 20% of the available tickets thanks to an early bird running to the end of December. Make the most of it now; it'll be gone by the first minute of 2024.

We've also already sold out all the food stands (we've new faces there, too) and 95% of all trade stands.

For 2024 we're improving a great number of things and are working through a list of several dozen good ideas. Some will be world firsts, others just sensible and all are designed to give everyone the best Airshow yet, somehow.

Watch this space - today we're announcing around a quarter of the aircraft participating.


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