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RAF Falcons - Parachuting Deities

This year we've more parachutes than ever and have already announced the truly astonishing jet powered parachuting team to make their debut. They start from the ground and use their jetpacks to get airborne and then rip up the rule book.

These heroes will need no introduction to those who've been before, they're the RAF Falcons the best parachute team in the World*.

Whilst Gordi and his team have made the most of the jet engine, the Falcons rely on the biggest engine of them all, gravity. They also rely on prodigious skill, copious training and accuracy beyond belief. They throw themselves out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft at several thousand feet before performing an aerial dance at a mere 120mph then landing on an area so small it's a spec when they jump.

*For the third year in a row we'd like to acknowledge the brilliance of and apologise to The Golden Knights, Red Devils, Tigers, Silver Stars and Lightning Bolts. They're all terrific, of course but the Falcons are the best. They just are.


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