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More new faces, in a familiar aircraft

We've had a few Chipmunk's over the years. The RAF ordered over 700 of them. Most will tell you they were used as trainers for an age. That's because they were; from the 1950's to 1990's this very clever nimble aircraft, capable of aerobatics, was used by the RAF and some of the greatest pilots cut their teeth on them.

One student of note, who flew a Chipmunk solo, went onto a somewhat different career - he's His Majesty King Charles the Third.

We don't believe the King is coming to the Airshow (he's very welcome, of course) but David Petters and his team are and for the first time.

The extremely observant of you will notice that each of the pictures above show two aircraft at a time. There's nothing wrong with a pair of Chipmunks, but there's something very right with three of them and so David is arranging just that; three at once. We don't have a picture of that yet as it's not been done by the team yet; so you, and His Majesty, will have to wait to July to see it.


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