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Jet Powered Parachutes? Don't be silly.

We're not making this up. The UK's only formation paramotor display team are coming to Old Buck.

They're called the Jet Para Hawks, and the clue is very much in the title.

'Normal' paramotors involve very brave people strapping a large fan powered by a small petrol engine to their backs, then adding a small parachute. This is brave enough and effectively turns a person into an aircraft. They then fly about a bit, on their own, and land wherever they like. So far, so good.

This lot, led by Gordie Oliver, do it somewhat differently. For a start they fly really very close to each other. They also, as the name suggests, don't bother with the slow, petrol fan; they've developed what can only be described as a jet pack.

Have a look at the video; where you hear the noises which sound a bit like a 737, you'll also see them suddenly take off near vertically and generally break the rules of physics a bit.

A lot, in fact, and whilst the video will prepare you for some of the lunacy; those who've seen their practices and signed them off to display attest to the fact that it has to be seen to be believed.


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