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Horsepower isn't everything.

A minute ago we just announced a Mk 1a Spitfire with a lowly 1.030hp. So that's only 1,000 more horsepower than each of these colourful little chaps named, probably by a comedian, Turbulents.

With a combined 120hp all four aircraft and therefore the entire Turbulent Team, have at their disposal about the same amount of power as a hatchback.

So in an Airshow where we've already announced tens of thousands upon tens of thousands of horsepower already, here's something in the way of contrast. In a minute or two normal service might resume - we've over 30,000hp to tell you about today.

Anyway, back to this lot and their 120hp. As you can see in some of the pictures they've tied themselves together with bunting on the basis that they can and we're not entirely sure why. What we do know is that the Turbulent Team proudly display "in the colours of the Early Learning Centre". Their mission is life is to entertain children between the ages of 1 and 101. They do this, mostly, with bunting and not just by tying themselves together - they also fly underneath it. You've heard of a limbo? So have they but it appears the concept of a limbo being something performed on foot has been lost on them so they use their planes instead. Every display pilot you'll see is given a licence which states the lowest height they can fly. The best of the best tend to be cleared to 30'. This lot? 6' because otherwise they wouldn't get under the limbo. At other times and more like 100' they then proceed to make a mess of the airfield by popping balloons and then launch a bombing raid (the bombs are bags of flour). So there you go, apparently you don't need lots of horsepower after all. The poor sod who runs the airfield does need a broom though.


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