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Armageddon (at 1:5 scale)

How could we say no? The renowned TJD Warbird Team of remote control aircraft geniuses decided to team up with Phoenix, one of the best fireworks experts in the UK and asked if we might let them more or less blow up the middle of the airfield.

The answer was obvious, yes, and so expect an epic battle to take place, all at around 1/5th scale.

Aside from being around eight minutes of lunacy, it's also a demonstration of some seriously experienced experts from the world of remote control, and of blowing stuff up.

Because the aircraft aren't actually aircraft (legally speaking at least) this fabulous looking piece of choreographed lunacy is in addition to the dozens upon dozens of full size aircraft you'll see. When added to what we've already planned; they're part of the longest air display sequence we've ever conceived and, in common with several items announced today, you won't have seen then here before.


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