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An Anglo American tribute like no other.

How do you pay tribute to American and British aviators of WWII with one aircraft? That's a particularly important question at an airbase originally built for the USAAF and located in the East of England.

The answer, for the last few years, has come courtesy of George Haye and the Suffolk Spitfire.

If you look closely at this Mark 9 Spitfire (that's the expert's expert's Spit of choice) you'll notice something very unusual (currently unique, in fact). This most English of icons is in American markings. This is accurate; Spitfires were operated in small numbers by the United States.

George, who only started display flying a few years ago, not only owns and operates 'Porky II'; he's her pilot and already has an enviable reputation amongst the rarified few warbird pilots in the air.

He's back in 2024 and likely to take up what has become a tradition - ending the afternoon's flying in, let's be honest, the greatest fighter aircraft mankind will ever know; at the same time honouring the fearsome fighting force for whom Old Buck was built - the United States Army Air Force.


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