The Tiger Nine

We’re celebrating the 90th birthday of an English aviation legend; the Tiger Moth. We’re doing so in some style, because we don’t have just one of them on hand; we have nine in close formation. It’s something of a spectacle and deservedly so; the Tiger Moth was designed by Geoffrey DeHavilland (Aviation Royalty) and proved so good that it wasn’t restricted to its intended role as a trainer; some were used for reconnaissance and even as bombers. Nine aircraft take up a lot of room, so this seems an ideal moment to introduce our new Apron, to the West of the main display area. It’ll be the first time we’ve welcomed the Tiger 9, led by Jeff Milsom; getting nine aircraft anywhere in formation is an epic feat; culminating in (hopefully) their trademarked flourish at the end when all nine aircraft shut down simultaneously; a difficult trick to perfect.