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The Monos

These two pretty much stole the show in 2023. They have a certain something which is just endearing. Maybe it's the fact that they can take their tiny Taylor Monoplanes, lift the tail over their shoulder and just walk around with it. That's not something you normally see.

It could also be that Bruce (he's the one at the top) doesn't really fit into his aircraft. Ben fits into the red one just fine. Both of them got cold coming here, as you can imagine. That's because they had an eight hour flight. Correct, 8 hours, because the wind was going the wrong way, they don't have much power and whenever they flew over roads they were being overtaken by trucks.

So they're intrepid and they're also professionals, so expect some pint sized excitement from some not pint sized warbird pilots of tomorrow (they're still in their 20's). And don't let the fact that they're in their 20's fool you - Ben is a commercial pilot and Bruce, well all he does is run one of the busiest airfields in the country along with an airshow about the size of this in Shropshire. Oh to be young again.


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