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The Future of Flight - Part 2 (hopefully)

Two very significant first flights occurred here over the last few years.

At 2022's Airshow Alex Reynier became the first pilot to display an electric aircraft at an Airshow aboard NEBO Air's Pipistrel Velis Electro, G-OEKO.

Except that he wasn't the first pilot in the World to do so. Turns out we were beaten by a Belgian airshow by two weeks and they kept it a bit quiet, for some strange reason.

It was the first electric flight at an Airshow powered only by solar energy, thanks to the UK's first electric aircraft charger.

That charger also happens to be a critical part of the NUNCATS project. Those who've been before will have seen their Zenith CH705, G-CLRR, perform engine runs. Here's an image though of it, for the first time, doing what it's designed for; flying. The maiden flight took place in late January 2023 and captured worldwide attention.

For 2024, finally, prospects look good that the Skyjeep will make its worldwide Airshow debut.


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