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The Ferrari of the Sky

We have been a little lacking in Italian thoroughbreds in the last few years.

Fortunately our friend Paul Freeland is able to help out by bringing his SIAI-Marchetti SF.260.

It won't take him long. Despite 'only' having 260hp this very slippery aircraft is capable of over 200mph without really trying.

Usually when you have an aircraft like that it needs a lot of space to take off and land. The SF260 doesn't, which is just as well as our runway isn't massive.

This aircraft is so well designed it was built from the 60's until only about 8 years ago. It's a military trainer as well as being a really very useful aircraft for getting places. There's even more, as Paul will show you. It can do all sorts of aerobatic tricks. It basically does everything, really well. Not sure why it's taken us years to invite Paul back.


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