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Super Decathlon

STOL, or Short Take Off and Landing, is term used for the most capable of aircraft. They're, essentially, the ones that can land on anything including gravel, snow, ice and pretty much any almost sort of flat-is surface where normal aircraft just can't operate. They need to be able to fly slowly and so take off and land at low speed.

At the Airshow three of them will demonstrate the necessary virtues, and represent the last 70 years, along with the next. The DeHavilland Beaver represents the 40's to the 60's, this American wonder the 70's to today and the electric aircraft on display represent today and the future.

We'll stick with the present and the Super Decathlon, which is certainly super. Not only can it do all the things you'd hope for from a STOL aircraft but it also has a party trick - aerobatics. Our friend Tony Richards will demonstrate all of the aircraft's abilities and so you'll see an aircraft which can land on a postage stamp do all sorts of manoeuvres. He's probably the best person to demonstrate it; his company Aerial Advantage is based at Old Buck and so his display is also a bit of sales pitch; AA is the UK Agent for American Champion Aircraft from, umm, America. If you'd like to buy one after seeing it please do let us know; it's really very good as you might imagine; people have been buying them since the 70's and still keep doing so.

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