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Size isn't everything

We’re always eager to support the next generation of display pilots and officials. The Airshow has seen plenty of debut displays and is used throughout the Airshow industry as a training opportunity.

This year we’ve got a total of three new pilots to welcome and two of them are pictured below. They’re called The Mono Display Team and they’re flown by newcomers Bruce Buglass and Ben Gilmore. You may notice that there’s more of the pilot visible than in most aircraft, they’re not giants; the Taylor Monoplane is really very small. So small, in fact that whilst all other aircraft are pushed about by strong people, usually perspiring a lot, the Taylor’s tail is simply slung over the pilot’s shoulder and walked wherever they want it.

It uses a VW engine, out of the Beetle, and so there’s little point in telling you about top speeds or anything like that, but what we will tell you is that they’ve come literally the whole way across the country, from Sleap in Shropshire. Flying 162 miles isn’t really all that tricky usually but when you’re half out of the cockpit with cars beneath you going faster, five hours definitely classifies as intrepid, as are these two at the start of what will be stellar careers in the world of Airshows.

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