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Red Arrows

You have not misread. Really. Not the Red Barrows, nor the Red Sparrows (great though they are). We've been at this for over a decade and, somehow, have managed to land the one icon we've always dreamed about. Nine of them, actually.

The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, as they're technically known, probably don't need any introduction. They've flown the flag for the UK since 1964, appearing in 57 countries worldwide. Their international tours are akin to sending the Monarch in terms of diplomacy and trade.

Their motto says it all, really; 'Eclat' which is French for 'Excellence' The same can be said of the Hawk T1 Trainer they've been using since 1980. Powered, appropriately, by Rolls Royce, the Hawk is capable of over 600mph and can climb to 45,000'. The Red's don't do that last part; preferring to stick around at about a hundredth of that height, a few feet away from each other and doing more or less the first bit; mind boggling speed.

It all adds up to a spectacle the like of which few countries can muster, much less Airshows. They really are the best of the best of the best and somehow, finally and thanks to a wonderful team at the RAF who organise their schedule we can finally tick the last box and enter the super-league of Airshows on Saturday 29th July.


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