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RAF Typhoon

You can never get used to seeing (and hearing) this. The paperwork for a Typhoon is interesting (as well as being secret). Put simply, when a display briefing starts by explaining the aircraft will arrive at a 600 knots (near enough 700mph) at 100' then you know that the rest of the briefing won't be dull.

Rolls Royce produce the power, 20,000lbs of thrust, twice over. The rather amazing Typhoon Display Team (you'll be able to meet some of them at the Airshow) support an equally amazing Pilot all to demonstrate just why the defence of UK airspace is in more than good hands. You really don't want to be on the wrong side of this 21 tonne fusion of weaponry, power and massive computers, all under the command of the RAF's finest pilots.

If you happen to be a pilot of a foreign military aircraft thinking it a good idea to sneak into UK airspace because no-one's about, think again. The Typhoon can be at a standstill on a runway and then take off, climb vertically and ruin the other chap's day. It can get to 36,000' and be doing 1,228mph in two and a half minutes. For the third year in a row, the Airshow will once again start to understand just how this extraordinary aircraft goes about protecting us 24/7 and why the other chaps always seem to run away.

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