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RAF Typhoon

We can't quite believe our luck; for the fourth time in a row everyone's car alarm will go off. Please see our terms and conditions with their warning about noise as the RAF Typhoon has 40,000lbs of thrust. Whilst that figure may not mean much, take it from us it means speed, noise and performance.

Let's start with performance. This technological marvel has a great many figures associated with it, but the one the Russians will be worried about: 0 - 1,150mph - Typhoon can do that in 2 minutes and at the same time climb from the ground to 35,000'. So it can get to the height most airliners cruise at, including take off from a standing start in 120 seconds. It does this by being able just to erase the laws of physics and climb vertically. Other aircraft which climb vertically? Space Rockets.

It's just as formidable at 100'. In fact previous years' displays start with the commentators telling the crowd that if they look to their left.... they'll be looking too high - the aircraft arrives at 100 feet above the ground and, we're not making this up, 600 mph. The pilots are the best on earth, this year we're delighted to be able to wave at Flight Lieutenant David Turnbull in his first year of displaying the aircraft. Like all the best pilot's he's got a very cool pilot name - ''Turbo" which seems apt for someone who's day job is overseeing the engineering and computing masterpiece which is the Typhoon; back for a fourth year; sorry about your car alarm.


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