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RAF Typhoon

A thousand years of history has never before allowed a Platinum Jubilee to take place. This causes us a problem; how to mark the longest reign and greatest monarch in British history? There is, literally, no precedent for this momentous event. It is, in fact, one of the very few times that the word ‘unique’ can be used correctly.

This 29 tonne monster does have a uniquely patriotic paint scheme and is one of the most powerful, agile and feared aircraft of Her Majesty’s long reign. Capable of carrying more than its own weight in fuel and missiles Typhoons make headlines once in a while when they’re authorised to fly at supersonic speed. This causes a shockwave which sets off car alarms, rattles windows and gets social media in a frenzy over an ‘earthquake in Essex’.

Those who came to 2021’s sell out Airshow will already have experienced the sheer power and elegance of an aircraft which can go from a standstill to 35,000’ and 1,150mph in two and a half minutes. This year we’re incredibly fortunate to be able to welcome back one of the greatest aircraft of Her Majesty’s reign with impeccable timing.

Fittingly the pilot, Flt. Lt. Adam O’Hare, has been in the service of Her Majesty for most of his life; starting as an Air Cadet. When he’s not demonstrating the Typhoon at Airshows, he’s one of the vital team who demonstrate it to anyone coming near our airspace when they shouldn’t; he’s therefore also part of the reason for rattling windows and Twitter ‘earthquakes’. Please give him, his colleagues and his employer, The Queen, a big cheer as he sends the Typhoon vertically up to 10,000’ at the end of the show.

Photos: courtesy of Paul Johnson, Flightline.

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