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North American T6

Last, but very much not least, the debut not only of this particular 550hp radial engined masterpiece, but also of its pilot, Isabel Rutland.

Probably one of, if not the, finest examples of the most prolific fighter trainer in history, this North American T6 started life in 1942 and served in the Canadian Air Force until 1947. It then went to Sweden where their Air Force made excellent use of it from 1948 until 1972. Yes, 26 years of non stop service with one Air Force. That alone may be a record.

Isabel is one of the Airshow World's most recent display pilots, this is her debut year as well as FE695's (the T6's military registration) first visit to Old Buck.

The T6 earned two names- 'the pilot maker' and also 'the window breaker'. The last one is simple, when it takes off the tips of the propellers go supersonic. Going supersonic, as you may know, equals noise and airfield's spend money on runways, not buildings. So it's not uncommon for windows to, literally, shake themselves out of their mountings and break. Don't worry, we've checked ours.


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