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Major Updates Next Week

We'll start announcing which aircraft are flying this year.

Our poster is the most innovative we've ever done. It's also not really a poster. You'll see what we mean.

We've already broken, for the umpteenth year in succession, our own advanced sales rate. We haven't just broken it, in fact, we have DOUBLE the number of ticket sales as we did at this time in 2022. We'll sell out earlier than before at this rate by a margin.

Speaking of which, trade stands and food vendors- apply NOW. We've only got two food spaces and three trade spaces left before they sell out.

Finally, every year has a theme or a name. Last year was simply '80' for the 80th birthday of the American arrival here. 2021 was called 'V' for the anniversary of VE day.

This year we've looked at what's flying, what's on the ground and the sheer scale of what we're planning. We've come up with a name. You'll find out next week.

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