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Hawker Hurricane Formation

We have a similar problem with Hurricanes as we do with Spitfires. For some years now the Airshow has been graced with Hawker Hurricane P2921, from Biggin Hill and flown by our friend Clive Denney. It’s always been a bit of a feat to book one. Now we have two; and as we the Spitfires it’s never happened here before and we don’t have a photo.

Hurricanes are few in number, even when compared to Spitfires. They did, however, chalk up more kills in the Battle of Britain than the Spit. Accordingly, they should and are spoken about in the same tones of hushed awe as the RAF’s somewhat more famous WWII fighter icon.

The second Hurricane, courtesy of Bygone Aviation and it’s owner/ pilot Matt Pettit, is an example of how history is being preserved - restored to flying condition only in the last few years it’s making its Old Buckenham debut with impeccable timing; making up the second of two truly memorable formations.

Photos, courtesy of Paul Johnson, Flightline, and John Allan.

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