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De Havilland Beaver

Another first comes with the arrival of another Aircraft Restoration Company masterpiece; their absolutely perfect example of the ultimate aircraft for flying to and from places where airstrips are made of grass, gravel, mud, snow, ice and in fact any surface which isn't smooth.

To do such things you need an aircraft with the best possible visibility of the ground - so the wings need to be at the top. It needs a lot of power, available instantly. 450hp, from the brilliantly named Pratt and Whitney 'Wasp' engine will do that (and provide a lot of noise). Needless to say when you're landing on rough terrain you don't want to be going fast either - this is one of the original and best STOL Short Take Off and Landing aircraft which brought communications, post, medicine and food to some of the least hospitable places on Earth, like Canada's North West Territories.

There's also a theme to seeing this aircraft. It dates from after WWII and was made from the late 40's to late 60's. At the Airshow you'll also see the Super Decathlon, which first flew in the 70's and you'll also see the future of STOL in the form of the NUNCATS Zenith 705 and Pipistrel Velis Electro - the STOL aircraft of the future, both of which were heavily influenced by icons like the Beaver.

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