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Boeing Stearman

This year the themes seen to be aircraft (and jet pack wearing parachutists) we've never seen before mixed with a list of aircraft we've not seen for a while.

This falls into the latter camp, though the pilot, James, is new to us and new to the Airshow world. He's very warmly welcomed as is his iconic Boeing Stearman. Once upon a time, pretty much a decade ago, this place was home to a Stearman, one of the US WWII Trainers which was so good they're still very sought after today. This one is in military markings, as it should be, but you can see others doing odd things like carrying wing walkers. It's also got a really very powerful radial engine and is really quite big, so it's quite a sight when it gets flung about by an expert aviation like James.

If it seems oddly familiar, imagine it's maroon and you're Cary Grant in the middle of the prairies having been dropped of by a bus. Apologies to everyone under the age of about 50, you probably have no idea what we're talking about. Google North by Northwest (better still watch it).


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