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Beechcraft Staggerwing

Once again a Beechcraft Staggerwing will feature on both days.

Named ‘High Maintenance’ due to her 6 fuel tanks and massive Pratt and Whitney radial engine which provides 450hp, more than enough to whisk the Staggerwing to altitude and 200mph, where the South of France is a luxury ride in a large sofa way. The height of elegance during Hollywood’s Golden Era, Staggerwings are seriously rare in flying condition. 99 are thought to be still airworthy and we know of only three in the UK. As you'll find throughout 2020's lineup we're trying to go 'one better' than in previous years. Literally, in this case as there will hopefully be two of these beasts in formation, 66% of all Staggerwings in the UK, side by side at 100+mph making what we're quite sure will be a lot of noise.

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