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B-17 Flying Fortress Sally B

The only thing more remarkable than this 25 tonne, four engined flying memorial to the 8th Air Force is the story of how she still comes to be in the skies over Europe.

The only B-17 you can see flying anywhere outside of the US has been fulfilling a vital mission commemorating those who died serving in the 8th Air Force during WWII. She's done so for the last 44 years thanks to a superhuman effort.

Fittingly, Sally B is named for the superhuman without whom she would be in a museum; Elly Sallingboe. Elly leads B17 Preservation, a charity who's sole aim is to keep Sally flying.

You can expect to see Sally B on both days; a four engined bomber back only for the forth time since the war at an airbase built for four engined US Bombers.

You can help ensure that Elly and her team can keep performing the impossible task of keeping Sally in the air, please visit to find out how you can play a part.

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