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Announcing 2022's Theme: EIGHTY

Every year we create a piece of art to encapsulate the Airshow; this year the theme is somewhat easy because it's a very special anniversary; 80 years since the United States Army Air Force came to England, changing the course of the War. Old Buckenham was created for them (specifically B-24 Liberators).

Today the Airfield is at the forefront of aviations' next 80 years. We're home to the UK's first electric aircraft charger (the only one outside the US powered by Solar Energy). It's part of the NUNCATS project, an electric aircraft designed to connect the developing world, powered by a network of solar chargers; the first of which is in operation, here, now. We're also going to be a destination of the new NEBO micro airline and currently have a Pipistrel Velis Electro on site- the first electric aircraft in the world to win Type Approval.

We're therefore showcasing the last 80 years of aviation and the next; all the while making sure that we have a plan to limit and then reverse the impact of the Airshow on our environment.

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