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An Xtreme Debut

You won't have seen Patrick Willson of the Titans Display Team here before; this is his first season as a Display Pilot and we're delighted to continue our long tradition of encouraging new talent entering the display world.

Patrick isn't exactly new at flying - he's been operating the Xtreme Decathlon you see here for seven years. It's designed to be a dependable, solid and durable Short Take Off and Landing aircraft. This one, as the name suggests, has been played about with. So it's got over 200hp, can do over 200mph and, as you can see, also blows smoke rings.

Patrick's 'company' plane is a little faster, although you wouldn't want it to be upside down at all (the Xtreme does a lot of that) or indeed fall out of the sky backwards in billows of smoke (the Xtreme will be doing that too). His customers would certainly spill their drinks and the lunch service would be ruined - he flies an Airbus A320 for a VIP charter airline.

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