The Matadors


It's taken a decade to be able to finally confirm the greatest aerobatic formation duo on Earth. You might think that some of the images above are the result of PhotoShopping a building behind these smoking carbon fibre monsters of aircraft. Software played no part in it; Paul Bonhomme and Steve Jones actually flew, in formation, through a hangar. Don't believe us? Scroll down and watch the video.


The CAA permitted them to do this. There's a very good reason why the risk assessment concluded that they should be allowed to; no finer formation pilots exist anywhere. Paul  is the team leader; he's won the Red Bull Air Race Championship three times. He's also flown warbirds from Duxford since 1991. If you've been to the Airshow before you'll have seen him fly Spitfire MH434 at Old Buckenham. The same is true of Steve. Flying Boeing 747's and Spitfires is pretty impressive but it doesn't help when you're flying in formation through a building; in other aircraft he's looking where he's going. In formation he's only looking to his right, at Paul (who, luckily, is looking straight ahead). Eagle-eyed formation aficionados will notice something else a bit strange; Steve's on the left as they fly along, but all others are on the right. That's because formation pilots are taught to fly on the right but Steve....taught himself. He did a rather good job, as you'll see.