141% EXTRA


Still THE most talked about Air Display after three years pictures and words simply cannot do justice to what's going on here. In the pictures above, one of the planes is a state of the art Extra; a carbon fibre aerobatic plane designed to pull off the most extreme manoeuvres human beings can cope with. It's flown by Chris Burkett who's more than just a human being; he's a multiple aerobatic champion.


The other plane is also flown by a multiple champion, Mike Williams. Thing is though that Mike's championships are all in the art of Remote Control flying. He's also pulling off the most extreme manoeuvres, but from the ground. This is, in fact, the only time you'll see a full sized plane chased around the sky by a scale model of itself (41% scale to be precise).


Put simply, it's so good we've been told by countless people in the crowd that they really really want to see it again, just to make sure they saw it right the first time.


We're happy to oblige.